Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is only $70 for the first system, $40 for additional systems.
What’s Included:
Autumn Heating & Cooling

  • Checking drain lines to make sure it’s free of clogs and debris
  • Checking and replacing air filters if necessary
  • Cleaning electric air filters if applicable
  • Cleaning the electrical compartment of the AC unit
  • Checking all electrical connections for burnt or loose wires
  • Checking the capacitor for capacitance
  • Checking compressor and outdoor fan motor amp draw
  • Checking freon levels
  • Checking compressor pump ratio
  • Checking supply air temperature
  • Washing the outdoor condenser coils

Save Money and Headaches

Seasonal maintenance is important to increase the longevity and efficiency of your system. Preventative maintenance also gives us the opportunity to catch issues before they effect your comfort.
Autumn Heating & Cooling

Installation and Repairs

Whether you need an entire HVAC overhaul or a simple repair, we can do it all. Give us a call for more information and schedule us for a visit.
Autumn Heating & Cooling

We Use The Highest Quality Products

Our reputation would be worthless if we use poor quality products. At Autumn Heating and Cooling, we only use and recommend the highest quality products. We only use products with a long history of quality and reliability like Goodman.